Critical Digital Studies: A Reader (2nd Edition)

CDS Book Cover

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Editors

Critical Digital Studies: A Reader is about technology and society, from the potential of digital devices to shape the ways in which we understand the world and communicate with one another to the yet-unexplored implications of technological innovations -- mobile media, cloud computing, social networking, 3D printing, drone technology -- for both illuminating and, perhaps, sometimes constraining the human condition.

Representing many of the world's leading digital theorists, Critical Digital Studies: A Reader links the digital future to the question of digital knowledge. Here, digital knowledge -- knowledge of surveillance culture, Big Data, cyber-warfare, new media theory, biophilosophy, the bodily politics of gender and sexuality and knowledge of street politics in the age of networked society -- is placed in the service of a digital culture that is as triumphant as it is contested.

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